I have a bit of a (not serious) dilemma here

Bioshock Infinite, my most anticipated game of the year, comes out next week and I have no idea which platform I should get it for.

I'd much rather get it on PC, but my comp only meets the minimum system requirements (though, I think they're assuming I want to run the game 60 fps at 1080p, while I don't mind 30 fps and will be running it at 1366X768 on my laptop). Plus, GMG has a sweet deal where you get 2 free games plus 14 dollars cash back! That's way better than any of the console preorder intensives.


Then I have my ps3, but that means I have to pay full price, and the only free game I get is bioshock 1, which I already have on steam (I know that's one of the gmg games, but I could also get spec ops, plus the 14 dollars cash back).

So, should I take the risk on pc not really knowing what the performance will be like, besides knowing I can definitely run it at low settings (not considering that I'm running it at a vastly lower resolution than what the devs have in mind) or just play it safe on console (even though, I'm hearing, that has some framerate issues of its own).

Or should I just wait for a youtube video showing my gpu playing the game at a decent framerate (people upload gpu videos of certain games), but having to not get any of the preorder intensives?

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