This is definitely not the right forum for this, but I don't really know where else to go

My houses sump pump is running continuously, even though there's little to no water in the well (water is going into the well because of melting snow, but not enough where the pump cant pump it put faster than it comes in).

Pretty sure it's being caused by the float switch, but since it's so late I cannot get one at this hour. Also, it doesn't seem to be stuck at all. The rod and the float move freely, so it should be switching on and off by itself.


The only fix I have, for the time being, is to manually plug and unplug the pump myself so it doesn't burn out.

I also should mention this isn't, technically, my house. I'm 19 and live with my mom and dad, so they usually deal with this stuff, but I have some knowledge of it. Also, they are in florida right now, so it's just me and my sister.

My dad says we need to go get a new pump tomorrow when home depot opens, but I feel there's an easier solution to this. I would attempt to open up and screw around with the float mechanism, but there doesn't seem to be any screws to open it up.

This isn't the exact model of the sump pump, but that's what the float mechanism looks like


Any help withing the next 4 and 1/2 hours would be appreciated (if anyone's even up/knows about this stuff)

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